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Same Difference Interfaith Alliance

at The West Side Center for Community Life, Inc.

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Original stage production:

  • Multicultural cast of 14 actor/dancers and 8 musicians.

    Eclectic group of composers included; Ned Rorem - internationally renowned classical composer; Nenad Bach - Croatian rock 'n' roll star; Basya Shechter - Israeli folk artist; and Mor Dior Bamba - Senegalese Prince who sang in Arabic over a Latino beat and Klezmer clarinet for a fabulous fusion number that rocked the house.

    Interviews in play include topics ranging from funny food and faith stories to interfaith marriages, to post-9/11 traumas, to media's responsibility, to the current situation in the Middle East, and more.

    Concept of our piece also explored how we communicate. Be it conversation, presentation, argument or debate -- using words, media, music, dance, RAP, you name it, we did it.

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